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Free eBook: “How to Protect Your Assets – Guide to
California Premarital Agreements”

You’ve worked hard for your assets and they deserve the highest protection available. If you want peace of mind going into your marriage and would like to:

  • Protect your personal assets with precision
  • Learn what a prenup actually is (hint: you already have one)
  • Bring up, the often delicate subject, to your fiancé in the best possible way

So that you can…

  • Have peace of mind knowing that you have a rock solid marriage on both your terms and your partner’s terms
  • Be informed about what actually constitutes a premarital agreement and what it means to both you and your fiancé
  • Approach the prenup conversation gracefully without being forceful

Download & we’ll share with you…

  • The 10 fundamentals of the prenup journey – from conversation and considerations to finding an attorney so you know what to expect
  • How to talk to your fiancé about premarital agreements in a non-aggressive, offensive and awkward way
  • Rock solid prenup enforcement essentials to make sure your business interests, stock options and, digital assets are protected so that your premarital agreement holds up in court in case of a divorce
  • The 3 most common clauses to a California Premartial Agreement that many couples miss and non-experienced/specialist attorneys overlook

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